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Digital Marketing Support for all Dentists in Vizag. 

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Welcome to Digital World

We at OurVizag.Com are dedicated to transform, Our Vizag City, Digitally. We are daring to dream to make Our Vizag City, A World Class Digital Hub. In the process, we are helping Dentists in Our Vizag City with Free & Paid Digital Services at competitive prices. We take Only One Dentist Per Pincode.. So Please Hurry to Join our VizagDentistsClub.Com, you can be inregular touch with our WhatsApp & Telegram Dentist Groups

FREE single Page Website

FREE Designer Images

FREE HD Videos


FREE Digital Business Card

FREE Marketing Support


You may have wide variety of FREE resources on Internet to use for your business. But, think twice, they will come with lots of strings attached. May be security loophole, which can crash your website when you need it most. Without SSL, you will be black listed across the internet. So, we strongly suggest Dentists to have thier own, professionally designed secured websites.

Graphic Design:

Images are worth 100 pages of text. A well designed image will mesmerize your visitors and will make them to stick to read. We provide world class Dentist Industry images, designed as well elements for using in your own designs. 

HD Videos with cinematic effects:

In Digital world, nothing is impossible. Ofcourse, everything comes with a high price tag attached. But, with us the quality will come with slashed prices. We believe in longterm partnerships, to grow together and not like others, who will squeeze money ASAP.


Yes, those Square image with full of dots and lines, you use to send and receive payments. But, for your information they have much more usage than simple payment purpose. We enlighten you when you join our FREE member club and you will have an edge over your competitor Dentist. We know you love that.

Chat Bots:

Chat Bots, exclusively designed for Dentistry will be useful in engaging and enlightening your patient, well before they book an appointment. This way of qualifying the visitors and leads will result in more conversions and profits to your business. Want to have a first hand experience? Just click our own ChatBot, on the right side down corner, waiting for you to interact.

Interactive Videos:

Do you know that Videos can be interactive too. Till now only MNC could afford. But Marketing experts made them easy and affordable for Small Business Owners like you. These Interactive Videos can be useful to educate and engage your visitors and patients. Thus you will get hot leads who will convert very easily.

Our Experts

We have experienced Freelancers for all the Digital Works involved for your business. This means you are going to get world class services at local price.

David Martin

Web Developer

Jen Ballard

Graphic Designer

Steven Moore

Marketing Expert

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